Sustainability is not enough.

We need to create regenerative cultures.

We subdue natural systems, such as interpersonal relationships, our subjectivity and forget that our actions interfere with planetary health as a whole.

The invitation to move to a regenerative culture is one for a fundamental change in our relationship with ourselves and nature.

We are dealing with a profound cultural change. The ecological, environmental, social and economic crises that we are facing are not separate. They are expressions of a single crisis - the crisis of perception - how we see and exist in the world. Finding this guiding thread helps us to see the essence of the transformation that we need to live and to move from degenerative systems and separation narratives to regenerative cultures and encounter narratives.


Research, translation and communication of regenerative narratives.


Futuro Possível (Possible Future) is a platform for research, translation and dissemination of regenerative narratives from multiple perspectives and realities. We anchor the process of weaving future and ancestral narratives that contribute to the construction of possible and desirable futures for Planet Earth, recognizing human and non-human agencies in this regeneration process.

how we act

Discover the territories in which we operate. We work based on the values ​​and essence of Regenerative Cultures and a Systemic Vision of life.


We are apprentices in a world of diverse knowledge. Our courses, workshops and experiences aim to raise awareness among different audiences about the world in transition. In addition to co-creating paths for deep questioning and a consciousness of the future.


FP was born out of our desire to share the knowledge that we have accumulated as researchers. Some of the areas we have been dedicating ourselves to include alternative economies, regenerative design, biomimicry, collaboration, localization, holistic view of the transition, complex systems and others.


We understand the transformations that need to happen in the transition to a planetary regenerative culture. Thus, we help organizations and projects to understand their place on the scale of regeneration and their role to be played with the commitment to generate more conditions for life to flourish. We dive deeply into each system, share knowledge and design paths for innovative transformation.

We go beyond a diagnosis of trends. We know in depth the complexity of the process in which the future is formed. Thus, we understand our role in its' imagination and co-creation. In our reports we look holistically at the whole, connections and interrelationships. We understand the network that connects all the systems that we are a part of and we wisely project the future that needs to emerge.


We co-create with agents and organizations that are dedicated to bringing regeneration to their projects through ways of communicating that are innovative and not superficial. For this, we design communication strategies and multiplatform content aligned with Regenerative Cultures and their movements in Brazil and around the world.



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our channels

We understand all the paths we take as channels for education. Our magazine on Medium, our profile on Instagram, our community on the Telegram. These are all points of contact with other agents and enthusiasts of Regenerative Cultures who want to learn and be inspired.

who we are

meet our multidisciplinary team

Lua Couto

Anna De Nardin

Maria Clara Parente

Thais Mantovani

Lucas Matarazzo

Researcher of regenerative narratives, scholar of spirituality, facilitator of learning processes and idealizer of FP. Her focus is in the areas of education and communication.

Researcher of sustainability in the built environment and student of biomimicry, co-founded FP and works in the communication stream.

Documentary filmmaker, presenter and co-founder of the audiovisual project 'This Is Not The Truth.' She co-founded FP and works in the communication stream.

Holistic scientist, researches the essence of life and through educational platforms shares her experiences and knowledge. She co-founded FP and works in the education stream.

Sociologist, designer and facilitator of systemic transformation processes. He co-founded FP and works in the cultures stream.

A regenerative culture promotes collaboration as a basic principle for creating new narratives and recognizes that the future is a story written by many hands.

Futuro Possível

Futuro Possível is an independent initiative that wants to explore new ways of thinking, imagining and co-creating desirable futures.

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